Dean Richardson vs Aleksejs Grustans – 4×3 Welterwight contest

South Ruislip boxer Dean richardson fought his way to a 4th round stoppage over Latvian Alexsejs Grustrans with a powerful and impressive performance. Richardson showed his power early on, letting his left hand go and moving off well after it.  The Latvian stayed on the back foot with a high guard and was no threat in the opening round.  Richardson was in control thought the opening round letting his jab go and constantly pressuring Grustans.

The fight went to a fourth round but was a little cagey in the opening of this round but Richardson got back into his rhythm, walked Grustans down and worked the big left hand with constant pressure.

Richardson landed a big right hook that started a massive flurry of powerful shots from Dean with Grustans unable to reply with anything and he looked in trouble.

Referee Bob Williams stepped in at 2mins31 seconds into the 4th round declaring Dean Richardson the winner.  He held the centre throughout, looked powerful and picked his shots very well – he was in control and was never in any trouble.

Everyone at Alexander James would like to congratulate Dean on this victory and will be watching his career with enthusiasm and interest!  Well done and good luck!